Especially ?ready to move in? construction and modernisation of objects like:

  • Small hydroelectric power plants
  • Fish passes
  • Weirs, closings, barrages, culverts, etc.
  • Watercourses and rivers regulations, (fascine reinforcement, gabion reinfocement, etc.)
  • Flood embankment
  • Meliorative pumping stations
  • Objects related to inland water transport
  • On-water works, with floating equipment usage (tugboats, pushers, barges, ferries, pontoons)
  • Shotcreting


  • Construction of transmission and distribution networks, connections for water supply systems, sanitary, rain and technological sewage systems, in normal and difficult soil-water conditions. We can perform works in box type formworks, pole-plate type (up to 7 meters deep) and compacted sheet piles formworks with use of our own equipment. Drainage works for actions mentioned above with uase of needlefilter sets and needlewells.
  • Construction of water treatment stations
  • Construction of water pumping stations
  • Construction of water tanks
  • Road infrastructure objects: under-road culverts, reservoirs, reinforced concerete objects (i.a. tunnels under highway tolls)
  • Technological installations for industry


  • Wastewater treatment plants, including sludge management, cogeneration systems with biogas usage
  • Landfill sites, wastes sortings
  • Composting objects